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This website is make for the archive of the project " Flash Forward : Rapat's foto festival " , the event started in 14th October 2016 and closed in  30 November 2016 at NACC gallry Bangkok. This website will contain the curatorial , the statement , event that happened in the exhibition and also the the develop of idea and form. will you have anything in dough please contact us back. Wish this website can inspired and helpful for educate in  some of mature you interest.


Nawin Nuthong

 ( as a curater ) 

"I can’t remember when it was but I once had a dream. The dream I’m talking about is the dream you dream when you sleep, not the one that people ask you what you want to be in the future. Wait, don’t get confused. So in this dream, I found myself walking in a realm of new dimension of photography. I don’t get it either but the feeling in that dream is a new world to me and the photos there, man, it was so surreal. I walked over to see my favourite picture that’s been twisted and squashed lying on a beautiful waterfall. But when I looked closely, turns out it was my photo. And underneath it was a school of fish."

This Saturday 12th November ,again we have coming event. same like last one with the fish , we trying to say some8) but this one be will help you solve the puzzle :X please keep in touch naa' TT

Soorry for those ,we couldn't say anything more
...... anything more :D


Actually this exhibition is called FLASH FORWARD : RAPAT PHOTO FESTIVAL that we developed from a project called Flash Forward : Neon Blink twice mean someone missing you. At first we expected it to be a long term project that aims to use photography mainly for narrative purpose, but we had a chance to been through certain incident, and that changes the form from the original .However, we still talk about the same topic from our initial project. Everyone might wonder what flash forward talks about, or what it means, and what certain things mean. So here is our last proposal that we used for you to read. :)

We will update the exhibition's development constantly. Please wait for update. Thank you :D

* inthe middle are text and archeive pic that we use the exhibhition period , inthe right are those we all more here.

[ if you are watching site in mobile youcan but we prefer in table computer :) thankyou ]

Rapat's Foto Festival closing party!
Featuring musical special guests: 
- Ok klong san saab
- Pansan
& even an Artist's talk

Here come for the last event from Flash Forward:Rapat photo festival , we all have moving forward to be here at the time. thank to all of you who visit this photo festival .right what you see there are none photo at all, but in this event we will surely bring up the hidden photo set,actually these photo alway there in the gallery you guy just know care it but sure thank fine . it not you false. 

The long exibhition long to boring.

se we create an event to interact with da audience , those are 




-in deeply we want to focus in each of the work in seperate event happy fish seem click you head into the funeral by listing you name for the sadness , after that ,the splashing water in thi-lo-su gallery by the setting that change

rapat ,he try to hit your face left and right with his two big idea of created this exibhition. asking what is it? "it the tear on your eye is useless to the dead fish and the nonsense of the art cost you!! audience !!!"

In the develop the concept ,the purpose of the project just gazeing the contemporary period of fearing at the future that coming

what it really interest is rapat trying to take a form from the fearing and scaring in the moment where it in between the time 

"yeah :P it better to see the piece in word it too hard to explain"

and he playing with those word also


By Chayanit Itthipongmaetee, Staff Reporter-October 28, 2016 5:21 pm, Khaosodenglish

Three different exhibitions, each with their own message of the world

contact us: Rapat Bumduwanuch 
                    Nawin Nuthong

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